Set Symbol Icons


Complete 297 Magic set symbol font icons

View the full list of 297 set and expansion symbols below, for all sets and special edition products up to The Brothers' War. To use the symbols on your desktop or just get the vectors, check out the Cheatsheet.

Note: you can now link directly to a preview of each symbol's by adding the symbol code at the end of the url like this:

Core Sets

Alpha (lea)
Beta (leb)
Unlimited (2ed)
Revised (3ed)
Alpha (Online) (1e)
Beta (Online) (2e)
Unlimited (Online) (2u)
Revised (Online) (3e)
Fourth Edition (4ed)
Summer Magic (psum)
Fifth Edition (5ed)
Sixth Edition (6ed)
Seventh Edition (7ed)
Eighth Edition (8ed)
Ninth Edition (9ed)
Tenth Edition (10e)
Magic 2010 (m10)
Magic 2011 (m11)
Magic 2012 (m12)
Magic 2013 (m13)
Magic 2014 (m14)
Magic 2015 (m15)
Blank Core Set (bcore)
Magic Origins (ori)
Magic 2019 (m19)
Magic 2020 (m20)
Core 2021 (m21)
Adventures in the Forgotten Realms (afr)

Expansion Sets

Arabian Nights (arn)
Antiquities (atq)
Legends (leg)
The Dark (drk)
Fallen Empires (fem)
Homelands (hml)
Ice Age (ice)
Ice Age (Original) (ice2)
Alliances (all)
Coldsnap (csp)
Mirage (mir)
Visions (vis)
Weatherlight (wth)
Tempest (tmp)
Stronghold (sth)
Exodus (exo)
Urza's Saga (usg)
Urza's Legacy (ulg)
Urza's Destiny (uds)
Mercadian Masques (mmq)
Nemesis (nem)
Prophecy (pcy)
Invasion (inv)
Planeshift (pls)
Apocalypse (apc)
Odyssey (ody)
Torment (tor)
Judgement (jud)
Onslaught (ons)
Legions (lgn)
Scourge (scg)
Mirrodin (mrd)
Darksteel (dst)
Fifth Dawn (5dn)
Champions of Kamigawa (chk)
Betrayers of Kamigawa (bok)
Saviors of Kamigawa (sok)
Ravnica (rav)
Guildpact (gpt)
Dissension (dis)
Time Spiral (tsp)
Planar Chaos (plc)
Future Sight (fut)
Lorwyn (lrw)
Morningtide (mor)
Shadowmoor (shm)
Eventide (eve)
Shards of Alara (ala)
Conflux (con)
Alara Reborn (arb)
Zendikar (zen)
Worldwake (wwk)
Rise of the Eldrazi (roe)
Scars of Mirrodin (som)
Mirrodin Besieged (mbs)
New Phyrexia (nph)
Innistrad (isd)
Dark Ascension (dka)
Avacyn Restored (avr)
Return to Ravnica (rtr)
Gatecrash (gtc)
Dragon's Maze (dgm)
Theros (ths)
Born of the Gods (bng)
Journey into Nyx (jou)
Khans of Tarkir (ktk)
Fate Reforged (frf)
Dragons of Tarkir (dtk)
Battle for Zendikar (bfz)
Oath of the Gatewatch (ogw)
Shadows Over Innistrad (soi)
Eldritch Moon (emn)
Kaladesh (kld)
Aether Revolt (aer)
Amonkhet (akh)
Hour of Devastation (hou)
Ixalan (xln)
Rivals of Ixalan (rix)
Dominaria (dom)
Guilds of Ravnica (grn)
Ravnica Allegiance (rna)
War of the Spark (war)
Throne of Eldraine (eld)
Theros: Beyond Death (thb)
Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths (iko)
Zendikar Rising (znr)
Kaldheim (khm)
Strixhaven: School of Mages (stx)
Innistrad: Midnight Hunt (mid)
Innistrad: Crimson Vow (vow)
Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty (neo)
Streets of New Capenna (snc)
Dominaria United (dmu)
The Brothers' War (bro)

Command Zone Sets

Vanguard (van)
Planechase (hop)
Archenemy (arc)
Commander (cmd)
Planechase 2012 (pc2)
Commander's Arsenal (cm1)
Commander 2013 (c13)
Conspiracy (cns)
Commander 2014 (c14)
Commander 2015 (c15)
Conspiracy 2: Take the Crown (cn2)
Commander 2016 (c16)
Planechase Anthology (pca)
Commander Anthology (cma)
Archenemy: Nicol Bolas (e01)
Explorers of Ixalan (e02)
Commander 2017 (c17)
Commander Anthology 2 (cm2)
Battlebond (bbd)
Commander 2018 (c18)
Commander 2019 (c19)
Ikoria: Commander 2020 (c20)
Zendikar Rising: Commander Decks (znc)
Commander Collection: Green (cc1)
Commander Legends (cmr)
Commander Legends Decks (cmc)
Kaldheim Commander (khc)
Commander 2021 (c21)
Forgotten Realms Commander (afc)
Midnight Hunt Commander (mic)
Crimson Vow Commander (voc)
Commander Collection: Black (cc2)
Kamigawa Commander (nec)
Streets of New Capenna Commander (ncc)
Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur's Gate (clb)
Dominaria United Commander (dmc)
Warhammer 40K (40k)
The Brothers' War Commander (brc)

Reprint Sets

Chronicles (chr)
Anthologies (ath)
Battle Royale (brb)
Beatdown (btd)
Deckmasters (dkm)
Modern Masters (mma)
Modern Masters 2015 (mm2)
Eternal Masters (ema)
Modern Masters 2017 (mm3)
Renaissance (xren)
Rinascimento (xrin)
Iconic Masters (ima)
Masters 25 (a25)
Ultimate Masters (uma)
Modern Horizons (mh1)
Double Masters (2xm)
Jumpstart (jmp)
Mystery Booster (mb1)
Modern Horizons 2 (mh2)
Strixhaven: Mystical Archives (sta)
Jumpstart: Historic Horizons (j21)
Double Masters 2022 (2x2)
The Brothers' War Retro Artifacts (brr)

Beginner Sets

Portal (por)
Portal 2 (p02)
Portal Three Kingdoms (ptk)
Starter 1999 (s99)
Starter 2000 (s00)
Welcome Deck 2016 (w16)
Welcome Deck 2017 (w17)

Duel Decks

Elves v. Goblins (evg)
Jace v. Chandra (dd2)
Divine v. Demonic (ddc)
Garruk v. Liliana (ddd)
Phyrexia v. Coalition (dde)
Elspeth v. Tezzeret (ddf)
Knights v. Dragons (ddg)
Ajani v. Nicol Bolas (ddh)
Venser v. Koth (ddi)
Izzet v. Golgari (ddj)
Sorin v. Tibalt (ddk)
Heroes v. Monsters (ddl)
Jace v. Vraska (ddm)
Speed v. Cunning (ddn)
Kiora v. Elspeth (ddo)
Zendikar v. Eldrazi (ddp)
Blessed v. Cursed (ddq)
Nissa v. Ob Nixilis (ddr)
New Phyrexia v. Mirrodin Pure (td2)
Mind v. Might (dds)
Merfolk v. Goblins (ddt)
Elves v. Inventors (ddu)

From the Vault Sets

FTV: Dragons (drb)
FTV: Exiled (v09)
FTV: Vaults (v0x)
FTV: Relics (v10)
FTV: Legends (v11)
FTV: Realms (v12)
FTV: Twenty (v13)
FTV: Annihilation (v14)
FTV: Angels (v15)
FTV: Lore (v16)
FTV: Transform (v17)

Premium Deck Series

PDS: Slivers (h09)
PDS: Fire & Lightning (pd2)
PDS: Graveborn (pd3)
Modern Event Deck (md1)

Signature Spellbooks

Jace (ss1)
Gideon (ss2)
Chandra (ss3)

Global Series

Jiang Yanggu & Mu Yanling (gs1)

Guild Kits

Guild Kit: Azorius (azorius)
Guild Kit: Boros (boros)
Guild Kit: Dimir (dimir)
Guild Kit: Golgari (golgari)
Guild Kit: Gruul (gruul)
Guild Kit: Izzet (izzet)
Guild Kit: Orzhov (orzhov)
Guild Kit: Rakdos (rakdos)
Guild Kit: Selesnya (selesnya)
Guild Kit: Simic (simic)

Other Supplemental Products

Game Night (gnt)
GRN Guild Kits (gk1)
RNA Guild Kits (gk2)
Game Night 2019 (gn2)
Time Spiral Remastered (tsr)

Promotional Sets

Guru Lands (pgru)
MtG Promo (pmtg1)
MtG Promo (Alt) (pmtg2)
Leaf Promo (pleaf)
Media Insert (pmei)
Arena Promo (DCI) (parl)
Duels of the Planeswalkers (dpa)
Book Inserts (pbook)
Astral (past)
Arena League (parl2)
Arena League (MODO) (parl3)
Zendikar Expeditions (exp)
Salvat 2005 (psalvat05)
Salvat 2011 (psalvat11)
Kaladesh Inventions (mp1)
Xbox Media Promo (pxbox)
Magic Premiere Shop (pmps)
Mirrodin Pure (pmpu)
Amonkhet Invocations (mp2)
IDW Promo (pidw)
Dragon*Con Promo (pdrc)
Phoenix Heart (card) (pheart)
HasCon 2017 (h17)
Duelist: Extra Pulled (pdep)
SEGA Dreamcast (psega)
The Sorcerer's Apprentice (ptsa)
Heroes of the Realm (htr)
Mythic Edition (med)
Ponies: the Galloping (ptg)
Judge Academy 2020 (j20)
Zendikar Rising Expeditions (zne)
The Brothers' War Transformers (bot)

Online Sets

Masters Edition (me1)
Masters Edition II (me2)
Masters Edition III (me3)
Masters Edition IV (me4)
Vintage Masters (vma)
Tempest Remastered (tpr)
Legendary Cube (pz1)
Magic Online (pmodo)
Magic Duels (xduels)
Magic Online Deck Series (xmods)
Treasure Chests (pz2)
Historic Anthology 1 (ha1)
Amonkhet Remastered (akr)
Kaladesh Remastered (klr)
Alchemy 2022 (y22)

Un-Serious Sets

Unglued (ugl)
Unhinged (unh)
Unstable (ust)
Unsanctioned (und)
Unfinity (unf)

Unofficial Symbols

Collector's Edition (xcle)
International Collector's Edition (xice)
Two Player Introductory Set (x2ps)
Alternate 4th Edition (x4ea)
APAC Lands (papac)
Euro Lands (peuro)
Friday Night Magic (pfnm)